MercyWorks has several initiatives to help alleviate poverty.  In recent years, helping people break the chains of poverty has been very successful in Nepal and the Philippines.

Women especially are vulnerable to human trafficking, slavery, prostitution, or begging as a result of extreme poverty.  This is sometimes even true of married women if the couple is desperate.

Mr. and Mrs. Narayan Diwakar of Nepal live in a small village and have a young daughter.  After the earthquake in 2015, this couple lost all their possessions.  They had no way of earning a living and jobs were scarce.  They did not have the income to feed their small family.

Thankfully, a MercyWorks staff member met them and helped them figure out what they could do with their giftings.  For just $100, MercyWorks rented a market space and purchased vegetables for them to sell.

We are thrilled to report that they now make over $450 per month, a good wage for their family in Nepal.  Aside from selling vegetables in their market, they now also sell vegetables for other markets.  All three of them are happy and healthy and are attending a vibrant church, growing spiritually as well.

With just a small amount of money along with a little time and effort from our staff on the ground, people are climbing out of poverty every day.  We love this!