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A few days after the worst of Hurricane Harvey, MercyWorks learned of a poor neighborhood in northeast Houston where approximately 800 homes were flooded and no one had received help.  The area is called Lakewood.

Along with several ministry partners, MercyWorks is seeking individuals, families, businesses, ministries, churches, etc. to “adopt” one of these 800 homes along with that family who resides in that home, to see their homes and hearts restored.

What exactly does it mean to “adopt” one of these homes?  And what is involved in choosing one (or more) or these 800 homes to “adopt”?

Here’s what is entailed in the “adoption” of a Lakewood family and their home:

Reconstructing the interior of a home that was damaged. As you prefer, you can send a construction team with funds to repair a home yourselves or you can send funds or gift cards for building materials and MercyWorks will find volunteers to do the work. The average cost of materials to repair each home is $5,000. (Any gifts given less than that may be pooled together to “adopt” a family.)

Involving the families you are helping. MercyWorks strongly encourages the families who are recipients of this ministry to be involved in the rebuilding process as much as possible. We never want to do for people what they can and should do for themselves as this creates dependency and diminishes their dignity.

Assessing practical needs of the family and seeing how we can help them. For example, the family may be in need of baby items and supplies, food, clothing, transportation etc., as well as special needs such as medical conditions that require additional help.

Ministering to the affected families spiritually. You could help by listening to their stories, offering to pray for people, distributing the Gospel of John or a Bible in their heart language.

Reporting any special needs that the team is not equipped to meet. If your team is unable to meet certain needs, you can contact either YWAM Houston or MercyWorks.

We just sent our third Hurricane Harvey response team to Houston this morning, and have plans for many more teams in the coming weeks and months.

If you and/or the group you represent is interested in working with us in reaching this community of 800 families by adopting one or more homes, contact Jen Derksen at:   [email protected]

Donations are still very much needed.  To give to help bring God’s love to the people of Lakewood community in Houston, click here.

Thank you!