I trust you are well and that your 2017 is off to a great start!  Here at MercyWorks we have already had several times powerful times of prayer and we are taking action around the globe.

One of our staff has been helping facilitate an outreach in South Korea – ministering to North Korean refugees since last month.  Last week we sent a small team to Haiti to continue and follow up on the work begun following Hurricane Matthew where we have been working alongside the locals to help repair demolished homes.

Nurse KarenNext week, I will lead a medical team to a 99% Muslim North African nation.  We will be going to several prisons and offering free health care. Many women who are in jail are simply there because in this nation a woman can be thrown into prison without due process and for no reason other than her husband is unhappy with her.  Some of the women there are bitter; while many of them feel helpless and that no one cares for them.

In addition to giving health care to the women, we will be praying for them and reassuring them that God loves them and has not forgotten them.

hungary-1896330_640 (1)Finally, one of our staff members will be attending the Refugee Highway Partnership Round Table conference in Budapest, Hungary next month. 150 church, mission leaders and refugee workers will come together to share resources, best practices and practical ideas for ministering to refugees.  We are now five years into ministering among the Syrian refugees and continue to see many of them choosing to follow Jesus as we reach out with compassion and practical help to those who have lost so much.

Please be praying with us for these various areas as we continue to go where the LORD leads us to respond to those afflicted by war, famine, extreme poverty or natural disaster.  Thank you!