Last week, while I was in Europe responding to the recent earthquake in Italy as well as attending the launch of a discipleship program in Germany for refugees who have come to Christ, a powerful super-storm struck Haiti.  Hurricane Matthew took over 1,000 lives, destroyed homes and schools, and devastated entire forests and natural resources throughout Haiti.  In addition, the storm accelerated the cholera propagation rate putting many survivors at a severe health risk.  According to the UN, one week after the hurricane more than a million people remain in need of urgent assistance.  In some communities, every home lost at least its roof while many homes were damaged beyond repair altogether.  In addition, over the long-term there is the real possibility of hunger and starvation because food stocks were ruined and crops were demolished.

In response, MercyWorks is sending a small team early next week to Haiti.  There, our team will help rebuild and repair homes.  It is likely they will also help  pick up  clear away rubble, help unclog canals, delivering mattresses, food and clean water, and of course, pray for and with those who have lost so much.  Already, our partners on the ground have been working around the clock, feeding thousands and repairing homes.  One local believer (Tijoe) has lost his entire plantain garden (three acres) from the storm surge.  Of course, he had no insurance for this “act of God” and he has lost everything. 3657aa8c-8a0c-4881-9f95-83582e729099MercyWorks is inviting you to go with us.  We realize this is short notice, but that’s what our Mercy Reserves do – they spring into action when calamity hits bringing help, hope and healing.  Will you join our team?  The needs are for help with accounting,  inventory (getting and delivering supplies), supervising completion of every home along with a photojournalist to take pictures and record stories to report back to those who are giving.  We also need a mechanic who can repair equipment and vehicles, people who like to pray for others and some general volunteers.

The needs in Haiti are great, but God is greater!  If you are interesting in going, please contact MercyWorks directly.  If you are unable to go at this time but would like to help equip those who are by making a donation, that would be great as well.  And finally, pray for our team that many will “see their good works and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16).