By now you’ve heard about the killer 7.8 earthquake in Nepal leaving so many dead, buildings flattened, and likely hundreds trapped under mounds of rubble.  Hospitals are so crowded in the capital city of Katmandu that many are being treated outdoors.  Everywhere people are asking: What can they do to make a difference?
The mission of MercyWorks is to help those afflicted by war, famine, extreme poverty or natural disaster.  We have partners on the ground in Nepal right now, working to alleviate the suffering.  Inevitably, food and supplies skyrocket during a crisis such as this, making it even more difficult for people to get the immediate and long-term help they need.
Our co-workers are on site right now, providing food and clothing, medicine, blankets and tarps and offering prayer for those in need.I invite you to please pray for those who have lost family and loved ones, not to mention all their material possessions in this horrible earthquake, the worst in 80 years in Nepal.  Thanks so much for caring like you do.