Pictured below is a Filipino grandmother I call Angel. Her husband died many years ago, leaving Angel with a young son. She has worked hard to provide for her boy. Angel’s son grew up, got married and had several children. Two years ago, his wife died.

angel-300x225Today Angel’s son works far from home on a different island to provide for his mother and children. Angel stays at home with the children.

When Typhoon Haiyan was coming, Angel and the children evacuated to a shelter for safety. When they returned home, the discovered a coconut tree had fallen on their small house. What you see pictured is all that was left. They were thankful they typhoon did not happen at night as they all would have surely perished.

Last week, MercyWorks staff member Daniel Visitacion met Angel (also in the picture). Since their house was destroyed, Angel and her family have been living on the porch of someone else’s home. They want to rebuild their house but do not have the means to do so.

LeyteWith your help, MercyWorks is building Angel and other widows like her, a small 10 X 12 home for $3,000. You can imagine how grateful she and her family are.

Angel lives in the northwest region of the Leyte province that was pummelled by the typhoon. In the region we are working in, Daniel Visitacion reports medical needs have largely been met by the Filipino Department of Health. They have sent extra doctors and nurses to care for the people. Thus far, their food needs have been met as well. Therefore, MercyWorks has decided to help meet the needs of rebuilding homes for those who need it the most.

I am reminded of Scripture in Matthew 25 where Jesus says when we help others, it is as though we are helping Him. Thanks so much for caring and helping like you do.