debbie-syriaThe crisis in Syria worsens by the day.  You may have heard that some 30,000 Syrians have been killed by President al-Assad in the past year.  I recently returned from northern Jordan where 200,000 Syrian refugees are currently living.  The stories I heard from those who escaped were both horrifying and heartbreaking.  If ever there was a time for the church to reach out in the name and love of Jesus to these refugee families, it is NOW.


32,000 of the refugees are located in the Za’atri Refugee Camp, while others live in goat barns, abandoned houses or low income houses in the region. Many of the refugees are being served by a local Christian church.  Everyday, Syrians are given food, baby supplies, hygiene items, mattresses, etc.  Local believers as well as foreign volunteers are actively sharing God’s love with the refugees in word and deed.  The church distributes food and other items by visiting over 1,000 refugee families every week!The pastor we are working with says the greatest need with winter approaching – aside from food – is for blankets, winter coats and propane heaters.  These items are available in Jordan to purchase for a good price – approximately $10 for a warm blanket, $20 for a winter coat, and $150 for a propane heater.  MercyWorks is sending one of our staff to this area for several months, in part to oversee the distribution as well as to help serve the Syrian refugee families in the city. We plan to send teams as well.3-1  If you wish, you can also provide food for an entire refugee family for two weeks for $50.  A final need is for a van for our Jordanian contacts who are distributing items throughout the city.  The approximate cost for a reliable used van is $25,000.

Syrians are hearing and seeing the Gospel of Jesus through the actions and words of faithful Jordanian believers.  Now is God’s time for them.  What the enemy has meant for evil within Syria, God wants to use for good and reveal Himself to many who otherwise would never have heard.

Thank you for opening your heart … and please join us in praying for these precious refugees who God loves so very much.