MercyWorks has opportunities right now for medical professionals and others to serve the people of Central America and Africa.  Are you ready to go? From July 7-17th MercyWorks will be ministering in and around the mountains of Guatemala, including Tisipe and Coban.  A major focus will be in providing primary health care clinics in under served remote areas.

Then from August 4-11th, a MercyWorks medical team will be in Zambia, working among school kids and their families from an impoverished area.  The team will also concentrate on poverty alleviation by reaching out to young widows who have initiated small businesses with help from MercyWorks.

Recently another MercyWorks medical team returned from North Africa where 468 prisoners were treated for free with love and kindness in a place where harshness is the norm and medical care is an out of reach luxury.  I recently read the newsletter of one of our team members and thought you might like to read it as well.  To do that, click here.

To receive information about the Guatemala or Zambia trips, contact MercyWorks at [email protected] or call us at 866-77-MERCY. May God bless you!