As you know, MercyWorks has been rebuilding homes in Houston and will be doing so for quite some time. We are also working in Puerto Rico. Our first team brought 1,000 doses of antibiotics to a major hospital in San Juan that had completely run out. They also provided much needed water purification chemicals so people wouldn’t have to drink the contaminated water, as well as removing trees and debris from people’s homes and property.

From Dec. 6-12, MercyWorks is sending a ministry team back to Puerto Rico to continue in the ongoing recovery efforts. And we are inviting YOU to join us! There is still a great need for downed trees to be removed from properties.  There is an elderly couple we have identified who has no family to help them. Our team will work on helping repair their roof. We also plan to send more medicine and medical supplies for the hospital, along with water purification supplies, chain saws and generators.

If you are interested in joining us in Puerto Rico, please let us know.  Or if you can’t go but would like to help send much needed supplies, you can click here.

This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for people such as you who are mindful of those still struggling from catastrophic loss and who need encouragement by seeing practical expressions of God’s love. Thanks so much for helping care for people in need.