Month: September 2016

MercyWorks Sends Supplies to Nepal

People around the world were left stunned at the devastation and loss of life from the 7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday. Thousands are dead, while many thousands more are without food, water or electricity. Houses and buildings have been levelled. Hospitals are so overrun that patients are being treated outdoors. Medical supplies are rapidly running out while hundreds are lying dead on the ground. The death toll continues to rise and is expected to go even higher as Nepalese officials make their way to remote villages. Into all this horror and pain, a group of east Texans...

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God Loves Italy!

In response to a 6.2 earthquake that shook central Italy last Wednesday, MercyWorks is sending teams to help.  We anticipate the teams will primarily minister through prayer and counseling, but helping to meet the practical needs as well. We invite you to join us in praying about this. If you desire to join either the assessment or the ministry team to follow, please contact MercyWorks directly. As always, we will be taking Bibles with us. These of course will be Italian Bibles.  We find people take great comfort in the words of Jesus all over the world. Each Bible costs approximately $10...

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