Month: July 2016

Nepal Killer Quake

By now you’ve heard about the killer 7.8 earthquake in Nepal leaving so many dead, buildings flattened, and likely hundreds trapped under mounds of rubble.  Hospitals are so crowded in the capital city of Katmandu that many are being treated outdoors.  Everywhere people are asking: What can they do to make a difference? The mission of MercyWorks is to help those afflicted by war, famine, extreme poverty or natural disaster.  We have partners on the ground in Nepal right now, working to alleviate the suffering.  Inevitably, food and supplies skyrocket during a crisis such as this, making it even...

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MercyWorks Sends Team to Nepal

 Tyler, Texas, April 28, 2015 – People around the world were left stunned at the devastation and loss of life from the 7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday.  Thousands are dead, while many thousands more are without food, water or electricity.  Houses and buildings have been leveled.  Hospitals are so overrun that patients are being treated outdoors.  Medical supplies are rapidly running out while hundreds are lying dead on the ground.  The death toll continues to rise and is expected to go even higher as Nepalese officials make their way to remote villages.  Into all this horror and pain,...

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MercyWorks Helps Syrian Refugees

Turn on the news and soon you’ll see images and hear stories about the flood of refugees fleeing war torn Syria bound for Europe.  Meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Syrian refugees is nothing new for MercyWorks.  We have consistently been showing God’s love to thousands of Syrian refugee families for several years now. Since the early days of al-Assad’s war on his people, MercyWorks has been distributing clothing, mattresses, pillows, mattresses, blankets, propane tanks, coupon books for free propane refills, heaters, etc. among the Syrian refugees.  They report that it is Christians – “people of the Book” – who...

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Alleviating Poverty One Widow at a Time

Meet Birsha. She is a widowed lady who lives in Nepal. Her kids are grown but live near her. Birsha’s husband was the family breadwinner but now he is gone and she found herself working in construction. Birsha used to carry up to 100 pounds of construction materials on her back. Most women like her end up being beggars when they become old to work. MercyWorks staff member Daniel Visitacion recently met Birsha in Nepal. You may be aware that MercyWorks has been helping to rebuild homes in Nepal since the terrible earthquake almost one year ago. Daniel noted...

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MercyWorks Responds to Ecuador Disaster

51 weeks ago, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal leaving thousands dead, buildings flattened, and hundreds trapped under mounds of rubble.  Now, a week shy of the one year anniversary of that quake, another 7.8 earthquake has struck – this time in the South American country of Ecuador.  Thankfully the death toll from the Ecuador earthquake is in hundreds, not thousands.  Still the suffering is just as great for the thousands of family members who have lost loved ones.  Ecuador had already been suffering economically with the huge drop in oil prices and this quake is expected to cost...

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