Month: July 2016

Syrian Child Refugees

The United Nations reported today that over 1 million of the Syrian refugees are children!  Of these, 740,000 are under 11 years of age.  Another 2 million kids are displaced within their own country. This week news services have reported the Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill their own people.  CNN reported over 1,300 were killed just outside Damascus in one blow.  And many of those killed were children. I think we will soon see another mass exodus of Syrians into neighboring countries. Already the demand on countries like Jordan and Lebanon is great. One of our workers...

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Philippines News Flash

The central Philippine city of Tacloban was in ruins Saturday, a day after being ravaged by perhaps the strongest typhoon ever recorded.  Horrified residents spoke of huge storm surges and authorities are expecting an extremely high number of fatalities.  As the number of confirmed dead from the typhoon disaster continues to rise, some estimates are predicting it could be as high as 10,000. Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, said in an interview that he feared there would be “a lot of dead bodies” not just around Tacloban, but inland as well. He said there were...

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Responding to Haiyan

Filipinos are grappling with devastation on a massive scale today as a result of Typhoon Haiyan.  Thousands are without electricity. And food.  And water. Houses and buildings have been leveled. Hospitals are overrun with patients. Medical supplies are rapidly running out with hundreds are lying dead on the ground.  And the death toll is expected to soar as the Philippine officials make their way to remote, nearly inaccessible places pummeled by the storm. The town of Tacloban, in Leyte province, was one of the hardest-hit places.  The mayor of Tacloban said 10,000 people may have died. MercyWorks is sending...

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A Home for Angel

Pictured below is a Filipino grandmother I call Angel. Her husband died many years ago, leaving Angel with a young son. She has worked hard to provide for her boy. Angel’s son grew up, got married and had several children. Two years ago, his wife died. Today Angel’s son works far from home on a different island to provide for his mother and children. Angel stays at home with the children. When Typhoon Haiyan was coming, Angel and the children evacuated to a shelter for safety. When they returned home, the discovered a coconut tree had fallen on their...

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